Over 80,000 companies suspended their activities during the first 2009 half, a figure ten times higher that the same period of 2008, the National Trade Register Office data show. The number of companies that suspended their activity voluntarily increased by five times, according to Romanian press agency Mediafax.

Most companies to see their activity suspended were from Bucharest - 12,527, followed by Cluj (Central-West) - 4,945, and Brasov (Central) - 4,007. Regarding the companies ceasing their activity voluntarily, Bucharest also rank first - 2,689, followed by Timis (West) - 601.

A research carried out by the Ministry of Finance estimates the possibility of 102,000 companies to cease their activity after the minimum tax law will be enforced. This figure represents companies that saw a medium 200 euros/month business figure in 2008.