Romania's current account deficit dropped in the first five months of the year by 75.5% compared to the similar period, last year, to 1.77 billion euro, Romania's National Central Bank informs on Tuesday. The current account deficit continued its downfall since April when it dropped by 78.9%.

The deficit of the revenue balance registered 1.17 billion euro in the first five months of the year, marking 46.6% less than in the first five months of the previous year while the goods and services balance registered a 2.47 billion euro deficit, compared to 7.13 billion euro in the similar period, last year.

Also, foreign direct investments reached 2.47 billion euro compared to 4.26 billion euro in the previous year. The current account deficit was covered entirely by foreign direct investments. Of the total investments, 47.7% represented loans offered by foreign banks to their branches in Romania, 43.2% capital shares and 9.1% reinvested profits.