Negotiations between government and union representatives did not reach any consensus on the draft of the unique salary scheme law, after a meeting on Tuesday. Talks will continue in the upcoming days and the Executive will have to take a decision on the law, considering the proposals put forward by their social partners. On the one hand, PM Emil Boc said that budget employees with small salaries will benefit from increases but, on the other hand, a Finance ministry report reveals that there are no plans to increase salaries in 2010.

After a three hour meeting, debate participants considered that new discussions are needed on the new law on the unique salary scheme. Union representative, Bogdan Hossu declared for that the Executive will approve the draft law on Saturday, August 29 after several meetings with the social partners.

A press release of the government informs that the content of the law is still in a draft stage. PM Emil Boc declared that those state employees with small salaries will benefit from a raise until 2015. Despite insurance from the Prime Minister, a report put forward by the Finance ministry reveals that salaries will not increase in 2010.