Romanian employees learn fast and have a good intellectual level but lack initiative somehow, believes Dacia general manager Francois Fourmont in an interview with The man who has led the company for six years withdraws at the end of the year. His main regret: during the 2008 strike, the management did not provide the recognition employees deserved.

Key statements by Francois Fourmont:

  • Romanian employees learn fast and have a good intellectual level, but lack initiative somehow
  • The big regret is that during the 2008 strike employees were not given the deserved attention given the company successes
  • The idea of a SUV car appeared two-three years ago, the production for the car began but in low volumes. The official launch will take place in spring this year
  • Dacia has many content customers because it answers very well to their expectations. The brand will remain one to offer much cheaper cars than the competition
  • Dacia does not have the vocation to build 30,000 euro cars as Skoda does
  • Electric engine cars will first be attractive to companies with significant car parks, especially taxis

Full interview in Romanian here