The number of homes given in use in the third 2009 quarter has been significantly close to the number recorded in the same 2008 period - around 14,670 units, a Romanian National Statistics Institute (INS) report shows.

During the first nine months of the present year, the number of finalised homes amounted to 38,170, 1,500 homes more against January - September 2008. Regarding the residency environments, most of the homes finalised in the third quarter are in the urban area (50.8%). Comparing by the finance sources, INS shows that the number of homes built with private funds dropped by 411 during the first nine months of 2009, while the number of homes built by using public funds increased by 670 units.

The INS data refer to homes' regional distribution. According to this, there is a tendency of seeing more homes finalised (a total plus of 259), especially in the developing areas: Moldova - East Romania (+376 homes), Oltenia - South Romania (+200 homes) and Banat - South-West. Drops have been recorded in the Centre (-374 homes), South-East (-239 homes) and in West (-158 homes).