Last year, the construction works volume dropped 12.2% against 2008, considering working days and the situation in each season the Romanian National Statistics Institute (INS) informs. The biggest drop in volume was recorded in residential constructions, namely 13.3%.

In December 2009, the construction volume, calculated by taking into consideration the number of worked days and the activity in each season, was up 6.9% against November 2009. During the mentioned period, the volume of works increased by 19.6% for engineering constructions, but dropped 7.7% in residential works and 1.3% in non-residential constructions.

But the volume of construction works in December 2009 was 13.1% lower than in December 2008, if we assess it taking into consideration the parameters already mentioned. The drop was recorded in all aspects: residential buildings: -40.9%; non-residential buildings: -16.3%; and engineering constructions: -0.4%.