The Association of Romanian Business People (AOAR) supports the adoption of the European single currency according to the already established calendar on January 1, 2015, saying that it is necessary for the proper functioning and growth of the Romanian economy, AOAR president Florin Pogonaru said in a press conference on Tuesday.

According to Pogonaru, the adoption of euro is the most coherent and desirable economic program for Romania in its process of social and economic convergence towards the European average. The business environment supports the adoption of the single currency both to secure fairer competition conditions in relation with European competitors and as a guarantee that populist measures capable of leading to macro-economic failings would not be adopted.

AOAR representatives also showed concern that the discourse of Romanian politicians and of the central bank governor has changed since the visit to Romania of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who said the postponement of euro adoption for 1-2 years would be advisable.