The activity in the manufacturing industry and services is going to see a moderate growth in the period from April to June, in contrast with the previous three months, while the construction and retail sectors will stabilise, according to the opinions of several commercial societies’ managers interviewed by the Romanian Institute for National Statistics (INS). They estimate that the number of employees will continue to drop in all economic sectors.

Moderate growth tendency in manufacture industry

Managers in the manufacture industry expect a moderate increase in the production volume over the next months. Staff cuts will resume, with the conjectural balance account presently recording an overall -8% for the manufacturing industry. For some activities, namely: for tobacco production, printing and reproducing recordings on various supporting materials, and for the production of paper and paper products, there will be a more accentuated decrease: conjectural balance accounts of -48%, -31% and -28%, respectively.

The price for industrial products is expected to see a moderate increase in the period to come - conjectural balance account of +9%.

Construction activity stabilises

The next couple of months in the construction sectors will be a relative stability, both for the production volume (+1% conjectural balance account), and for the stock of contracts and demands (conjectural balance account -1%). But managers foresee a moderate cut in the number of employees, both as an overall (conjectural balance account -12%), and for all groups of enterprises (small, medium, large). As for the prices practiced in the constructions' sector, they are expected to see a moderate growth (conjectural balance account +9%).

Stability tendency for retail

Retail managers estimated in April a relative stability of the economic stability over the next three months (conjectural balance account +4%). The total volume of goods sales will see a moderate increase (conjectural balance account +7%), while the commercial units' demand from goods providers will see a relative stability (conjectural balance account -4%).

Managers forecast a moderate cut in the staff working in this sector (conjectural balance account -12%), but also an increase in retail prices (conjectural balance account +23%).

Business figures to go up for services

The demand for services will go through a moderate increase in the period to come (conjectural balance account +8%), according to the sector's managers estimates. Nevertheless, staff are to be laid off here as well (conjectural balance account -7%), especially as far as the big companies are concerned.

Managers believe that selling prices or invoicing prices will record a relative stability.