The work productivity in the industry in March was 16.8% bigger than in February and 22.6% bigger against March 2009. The productivity index went up 22.1% in the first quarter im comparison with Q1 in 2009, while the average salary in the industry sector went up by 11.3%, Cristian Orgonas reads on his blog.

The number of hired staff in the industry drooped by 5.200 against February, amounting from 1253,7 thousands to 1248,5 thousands. This compares with 22,400, the figures for the drop in number of industry employees recorded for the same month last year. The figures recorded in March 2010 are the lowest in the last two years.

Evidently, the industry (including the exporting industry) represents Romania's only hope to come out of the recession this year, and apparently, after February's cold shower, things are improving, the author writes