​Romanian citizens' credit arrears over 30 days went up 10.3% in April, against March, amounting to 3.99 billion lei or 966 million euros, the Romanian Central Bank (BNR) data show. The number of arrears went up in April, by approximately 33,000 people in contrast to March, counting 710,407 people.

The most numerous arrears are recorded for the credits in the national currency - leu - with over 2.27 billion lei - nearly sic credits out of ten. The loans in euros that need to be paid back have gone above 1.34 billion lei (33.7%). The rest of the arrears - one in ten credits - are in other foreign currency - dollars, forints, Swiss francs etc) and amount to 12.6 billion lei.

Delays to pay back loans which have now gone longer than 90 days have increased to 9.8%, counting 2.95 billion euros in April, wile the credits being collected went up by 11.33%, amounting to approximately 739 million lei, BNR informs. The rates that banks should have received between 31 and 60 days ago have gone up by 11.57% to count 95.3 million lei and the rates that have been delayed over 61 days but less than 90 days went up by 14.1% to 90.6 million lei, according to the Central Bank.

The number of debtors with current obligations read 4.5 million citizens on the last day of April 2010.