In the first six months almost 37,000 cars were registered in our country, 42% less than in the first quarter of 2009 official data reveals. Compared to May, in June registration increased by 20%. In the first quarter, Dacia registered decreases amounting to 37%, Ford dropped by 32% and Volkswagen by 45%. Audi sales diminished by 47% and BMW sales remained constant. Ferrari orders doubled. In June, over 500 Duster cars were registered.

In June, 10,200 new cars registered, a 7% decreased compared to the similar month, last year. Dacia was market leader with over 3,400 units, followed by Renault and Skoda, with a little over 1,000 each. In the first quarter, 36,636 new cars were registered compared to 62,661 in the first half last year.