The Competition Council concluded 18 investigations of which 11 were older than 3 years and applied fines worth 31.49 million euro compared to six investigations concluded in 2009 and 2.3 million euro fines, a report of the institution released on Tuesday reads.

Top sanctions in 2010: Romanian Post Office, Raiffeisen Banck and private pensions administrators

49 companies and an association were sanctioned last year for anti-competition policies and inaccurate information (Raiffeisen Bank). The biggest fine was given to the Romanian Post Office of 103.3 million lei, representing 24.06 million euro. On second was Raiffeisen Bank with 3.4 million euro for supplying inaccurate information. The third fine as value was applied in 2010 to 14 economic agents that manage private pensions worth about 1.22 million euro.