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Former president Iliescu: Basescu has a pathological obsession with me

de Radu Big
Vineri, 8 februarie 2008, 16:25 English | Politics

President Basescu is pathologically obsessed with me: this is the statement made by former Romania president Ion Iliescu about the president in seat, Traian Basescu. The statement comes as an answer to a previous declaration of Basescu, who said that Iliescu and the Social Democrats are, in fact, behind the current Liberal government. "I see that it is an obsession for Mr. Basescu, without any grounds, but it is surprising from several points of view. First, it is of course a pathological obsession, but it show the state of mind Basescu is in", said Iliescu for RFI Romania.

The former president also points at the fact that Liberals consulting with Social Democrats is a normal thing, given the fact that PM Tariceanu leads a minority government. "Secondly, what is it that he reproaches the Government? That it affords to have a dialogue with the Opposition? It is an obligation for any Prime Minister with a cabinet without a majority support in the Parliament. Basescu is the one who lacks such a dialogue and finds fit to accuse the prime minister for it", Iliescu added. 

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