Romanian PM Viorica Dancila, whose governing Social Democrats oppose President Klaus Iohannis, taunted the head of state on Sunday over his planned visit to Washington, where he is due to meet President Donald Trump for a second time. She said that while the visit was important, Iohannis should have first consulted with the government over issues due to be discussed.

DancilaFoto: Captura Antena 3

Presidential administrations in Washington DC and Bucharest announced on August 6 that Donald Trump and Klaus Iohannis would meet at the White House on August 20. The talks are due to focus on security challenges, fair trade and energy partnerships.

  • It is the second Trump-Iohannis meeting after Iohannis' visit to the White House two years ago. This time around, the visit comes as Romania prepares for a series of elections, starting with Presidential elections later this year when Iohannis would run for a new term. More on this here

Dancila, who has positioned herself as leader of the governing Social Democrats (PSD), attacked the president over the visit on Sunday night. She acknowledged the trip was important, but she said that Iohannis would have to present results when he returns, so that he "doesn't go there for pictures only".

  • Dancila has taken over as leader of the PSD after the imprisonment of the previous leader of the party, Liviu Dragnea, under corruption charges earlier this year. As Donald Trump was due to launch his presidency in early 2017, Dragnea notably went to the US to have a picture of him in the presence of the US president.

She said that the Romanian president should have discussed with the government a series of issues of interest and that a "certain agreements" should have been signed. She said Iohannis should not return with things that the Government would have to implement without prior talks.