Romania's Social Democratic (PSD) prime minister Viorica Dancila on Wednesday said her government would turn to the Constitutional Court over a conflict with President Klaus Iohannis. For his part, Iohannis made a new public statement calling out the government for doing "much harm" to Romania.

DancilaFoto: Captura video
  • Both Iohannis and Dancila are caught in a power struggle that is intensifying as both are due to run in presidential elections later this year, with Iohannis a clear favorite in polls.

Iohannis came out for press statements on Wednesday as many were expecting his input on nominated interim ministers. The government needs his approval to move on and name new ministers after a minor but influential partner party, ALDE, left the governing coalition recently.

Iohannis, though, used his statement to renew attacks on the government. He said Dancila's team has done "much harm to Romania and should have left a long time ago. Romanians need another, responsible government and they would have it".

He stopped short from referring to nominated interim ministers, for whom PM Dancila expects approval.

So, Dancila announced later on Wednesday evening that her government would notify the Constitutional Court over a constitutional conflict with the president, over his failure to name the interim ministers. She accused "an unprecedented situation of confusion generated by the irresponsible and egotistic behaviour of the president".