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​Who's on Liberals' shortlist for ministerial seats in future Romanian Government

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Miercuri, 16 octombrie 2019, 9:10 English | Politics

Ludovic Orban, alături de liberali
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Romania's National Liberal Party PNL start negotiations on Wednesday to garner support for a new government headed by the leader Ludovic Orban. Negotiations start a day after President Klaus Iohannis picked Orban to form a new government, to replace the Social Democratic executive of Viorica Dancila, dismissed in a censure motion last week. See who's considered for key positions in a future PNL-based government.

Orban will have to show up before the Parliament to have his government voted. Until then, the PSD - which said it would not attend the procedure - will retain government, with limited powers.

Sources told that the most prominent members of the PNL leadership would not be part of the transition government, which is due to last until general elections are organised next year and would focus on fixing problems left behind by the PSD government.

It was even agreed to have people from outside the party for key positions in the government.

One such person is Bogdan Aurescu, currently a presidential aide, who is considered for the Foreign Ministry.

Nicolae Ciuca, the General Chief of Staff, would become Defence Minister.

A front runner for Justice minister is deputy Ioan Cupsa, but an independent with expertise in the field may also be considered.

Potentially an independent, but also party member Bogdan Iulian Hutuca are considered for Finance minister.

Prominent party member Raluca Turcan is considered for Education minister, but so is Monica Anisei, a teacher who also serves as head of PNL Bucharest District 2 branch.

Other names considered:
  • Senator Marcel Vela for Interior minister
  • Lucian Bode for Transport (who would include Communications) minister
  • Emil Dumitru for Agriculture minister

A decision over the future team will be made after a new round of talks between Iohannis and Orban.

Orban has 10 day available to ask the Parliament for a vote of trust in the government team and program.

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