Local elections held in Stefanesti, Ilfov county on Sunday are declared void and will be repeated on June 15 when the other counties will organize their second round of elections, Central Electoral Office spokesperson Marian Muhulet has declared. Romanian Interior minister Cristian David announced on Wednesday the main results of the investigation he demanded at Stefanesti, where major real estate stakes led to a huge scandal on election day on Sunday.

Apparently, there were persons who voted even if they had penal interdiction. Plus, some people voted even if their name was not in the official database. Some voted even a couple of times, television stations announce.

The Interior minister added that these people would be individually investigated but the moral responsibility pertains to those who made them do it.

Romanian PM Tariceanu demanded that all measures should be taken to avoid such incidents during future elections.

While apathy ruled among Romanians in most parts of the country during local elections on Sunday, in Stefanesti huge crowds sieged the town's two polling stations during the voting process. They came to support the candidates the Social Democratic (PSD) and New Generation (PNG) parties and the two camps stopped short of clashing as they were trying to vote.

Allegations shortly arose that the crowds were paid to vote for one candidate or another as Stefanesti, on the future route of a highway linking Bucharest to central Romania, poses major real estate interests.