Voters in the towns of Stefanesti and Sintesti in the Ilfov county near Bucharest, where massive real estate stakes have led to confrontations in the first round of local elections on June 1, are expected to re-cast their vote on Sunday as the results of the first round have been invalidated due to extensive fraud. Dozens of voters were once again waiting to cast their ballots at the local voting stations from the very early hours today, but the spirits were calm given the impressive police presence there.

In Stefanesti, the first round of elections is organized once again today. While on June 1 they had to cast their votes at only two available voting sections, now they have four to consider, in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the clashes at the previous poll. Then, supporters of two candidates for Stefanesti mayor showed up in large numbers and clashed outside the polling stations as claims of pay-per-vote practices emerged.

The reason behind the irregularities stays in the major real-estate stakes in Stefanesti, where vast areas of land are hunted by real estate businessmen considering that the town is due to be crossed by a future highway.

Voters in Stefanesti and Sintesti are now choosing their mayors, local councilors, county councilors and the head of the Ilfov County Council.