Democrat Liberal Party (PD-L) vice-president Adriean Videanu and New Generation Party (PNG) leader Gigi Becali have agreed to form a majority together in the Bucharest General Council. PDL and PNG together would get 28 of the 55 counselors, which is enough to form a majority.

Democrat Liberal Razvan Murgeanu will be deputy mayor. Videanu declared that his party will overrule any other negotiations with other parties, since this agreement assures them majority in the Council.

Even if a small party and some would argue, insignificant, the New Generation Party is the one to swing the balance over to one big party or the other. Neither Democrat Liberals, nor Liberals or Social Democrats can do anything about it.

Considering this, Sorin Oprescu, an independent supported by the Social Democrats (PSD) will have to face a hostile General Council and will be able to count only on the 16 Social Democratic counselors and on the 8 Liberals.

According to the official June 1 results, the Bucharest General Council configuration looks like this: Democrat Liberals get 24 mandates, Social Democrats 16, Liberals 8, PNG 4 and Greater Romania Party 3.

PNG leader Gigi Becali is a businessman with major interests in real estate deals around Bucharest.