Former Justice Minister Monica Macovei accuses Parliamentarians of protecting their "party criminals" and of "shamefully arranging" the vote on Tuesday, when the "lack of quorum" in the House of Deputies blocked the criminal inquiry against former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase and former Transport Minister Miron Mitrea.

In an interview for Radio Free Europe, Macovei denounces the deputies as accomplices in the crimes where they block investigations. On Tuesday, June 24, only 208 deputies out of 250 in the hall voted, their notice being required for the opening of a criminal investigation against the two former members of the Government.

220 votes were required to ensure the quorum, the deputies decided, so the vote was annulled and a future procedure was scheduled for the next session, in autumn.

It was later proved that, according to an article in the House of Deputies Regulation, the presence of 220 deputies was enough to ensure the quorum, regardless the number of votes.

Monica Macovei said in the interview that the result was arranged by Social Democrats and Liberals. In her vision, these parliamentarians are accomplices in the crimes where they block the inquiry.

Macovei also described the recent intervention of a Romanian Social Democrat member of the European Parliament, Adrian Severin, as "defending the criminals within the party". Severin described last week the fact that Olli Rehn publicly asked how the things were going with the Nastase investigation as "European Commission pressure on the Romanian Justice" and "intervention in the interior affairs".