Former Liberal deputy Mona Musca ceased all political rumors that placed her as a future Democrat Liberal candidate in this fall parliamentary elections. Thus, she declared in a press conference on Sunday that she did not plan to re-enter politics.

Mona Musca was forced to take a public stand on the issue after Democrat Liberal leaders declared that they would offer her their political support if she decided to become a Democrat Liberal member and run for a seat in the Parliament.

Musca underlined, once again that she did not collaborated with the secret police and the verdict was based solely on one man's declaration. She added that even though she made a mistake in her past, common sense and limits must still exist.

Mona Musca resigned from the Parliament and quit all her political activities after CNSAS, the independent body studying the archives of Communist-era secret police ruled that Mona Musca collaborated with the Securitate. The verdict was confirmed by the Appellate Court.