Deputy Miron Mitrea resigned on Wednesday from the Romanian Parliament in order to answer to the Anti-Graft Prosecution Office (DNA) in a corruption case opened against him. Earlier this summer, the Parliament decided that Miron Mitrea and former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase should not answer to DNA as long as they are members of the Parliament. "I resigned because it is embarrassing to be told that I am afraid of the investigation", said Mitrea.

"I resigned so that the people wouldn't say that I hide. I have the power to assume responsibility for my actions. I didn't resign so that the criminal investigation may begin, because I didn't make a purpose in life out of walking the DNA hallways. I resign because it was no longer acceptable for me, as a man of honor and a man of my word, to hide behind the parliamentarian immunity", Mitrea explained, adding that he is innocent and that a burden was lifted through his gesture.

"I consider that it will be easier for me in the electoral campaign after my resignation. Adrian Nastase decided to choose other means to defend himself. I am convinced that Nastase will win the elections in his electoral area", Mitrea said.