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International media on Romanian elections: economic crisis marks legislative poll

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Duminică, 30 noiembrie 2008, 13:49 English | Politics

A low turnout is expected in general elections taking place in Romania on Sunday despite the poll comes in a crucial moment for the country, considering the international economic troubles, international media report today. Reuters, quoted by Romanian news agency Newsin, notes the Romanian economy has been slowing down and crucial reform in the judiciary have come to a halt during the minority government of Calin Popescu Tariceanu.

Reuters writes that the divisions separating the three parties leading in opinion polls - the Social Democrats, the Democratic Liberals and the Liberals - are deep and President Traian Basescu, while popular among voters, has come at odds with many political leaders with his criticism about corruption.

With some 30% each for Social Democrats (PSD) and Democratic Liberals (PD-L) and 20% for the Liberals (PNL) in voters support, no party would have a majority in the Parliament and the two leading parties would fight to form a coalition government, Reuters reports. It also notes that a very low turnout is expected given the apathy of voters because of the disappointment in political life and the prolonged weekend caused by the National Day of Romania, due December 1.

For its part, AFP writes that the winner in these elections will face social tensions which have been postponed politically, given the period of electoral campaign. The agency also writes that PNL would probably play a key role in forming a coalition government, considering that neither PSD nor PD-L is expected to gain a majority of the votes.

The future government would not earn the opportunity of a honeymoon because of the economic turmoil, it reports.

And Associated Press writes that Romanians are expected to sanction the current people in power, which they believe are disconnected from reality, so turnout in these elections may prove lower than ever since the fall of communism in Romania.

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