Sebastian Lazaroiu, a sociologist who serves as presidential aide, has evoked the possibility of a two-year government following the Sunday general elections, considering the results of the poll. He spoke to readers in a Q&A session preceding a new talk-show to be hosted by journalist Dan Tapalaga, a talk show that will be accessible on Radio France Internationale Romania and on the website every Monday evening.

Key points made by Sebastian Lazaroiu during the Q&A session:

  • Realistically speaking, the uninominal voting system applied for the first time in Romania in these elections would only be properly implemented when two parties exist, which would allow one to have a large majority in Parliament. Uninominal voting in two rounds would lead to a bi-polar political system.
  • It is possible that the next government would not last four years but only two, but it is hard to make proper predictions right now.
  • polling institutions are not fully prepared for the new uninominal voting system
  • I dismiss the possibility of coordinated manipulation through exit polls
  • I would not predict President Traian Basescu's option for a new prime minister, but I believe the future PM should be political
  • There is a possibility that the Democratic Liberals (PD-L) win more seats in the Parliament even if the Social Democrats (PSD) would receive 0.5% more than PD-L according to final results, in the new voting system which PSD leader Geoana supported in the Parliament.
  • When speaking about the possibility of a 2-year government, I was thinking about a political settlement between parties to overcome the crisis period, not about toppling the ones in power or renewed competition.