Despite the fact that parties are in the middle of critical negotiations for the forming of the future government, their members seems to be quite strange to the parties' policies and very close to making their own games. HotNews reporters randomly called seven anonymous parliamentarians, newly elected after the scrutiny on Sunday, pretending they represent a top Liberal. They found that there is a strong betrayal potential among Social Democrats.

A new parliamentarian, Cornel Itu (Social Democrat), declared that he would support without a doubt a minority government, in case that cabinet decides to offer support for Romanian companies, after all efforts until now aimed at helping foreign companies.

Four other newly elected parliamentarians did not exclude the possibility to betray their party, but demanded a face-to-face meeting, while other three MEPs refused to discuss the matter and said they will vote as their party demands.

Liberals were the only ones to firmly refuse the proposal made by the reporters.

After the elections on Sunday, Social-Democrats and Democrat-Liberals lead in the number of parliamentarian seats, with 34 and 33% of the votes, respectively. Liberals are on the third place, with 20%, while Hungarian Democrats have 6.9%. Any alliance to form a majority and a new cabinet is plausible, but the main three parties have a long history of frictions and open conflicts.