Social Democratic Party (PSD) leader Mircea Geoana explained on Wednesday that, if the Hungarian Democrats will be co-opted in the government, then his party will no longer sustain the alliance. Geoana explained that his party members explicitly requested the exclusion of Hungarian Democrats from the new government. He showed that his party has a clear stand on the issue and this point is not up for negotiation.

At their turn, Democrat Liberals declared that they are still negotiating with the Hungarian Democrats, and no decision was taken. In reaction, Hungarian Democrat (UDMR) leader Marko Bela declared that he is particularly disturbed of the PSD declarations. He said that if at first he thought that their decision is a tactical one, it is clear now that the Social Democrats have exaggerated.

Bela declared that PSD's decision is offensive not only for UDMR party members but also for the Hungarian minority they represent. He urged the Social Democrats to be respectful and consistent in their decisions, referring to the initial attempt of the Social Democrats to co-opt the Hungarian Democrats and form a Parliamentary majority.

He declared that all these declarations lead to increasing tensions between Romanians and Hungarians.