Retired persons who got state jobs after their retirement will have to choose between pensions and salary, the expenses for new cars and new furniture were cut 50% and the top offices will represent a maximum of 12% of all public offices, said Prime Minister Emil Boc, after the Government's session. "The keyword is now responsibility, in order to ensure the country's stability", said Boc, adding that the budget income preliminary data indicate some rather poor results.

The data make impossible for the Government to pay several obligations it has assumed, said Boc, mentioning also that the size of pensions and the teachers' wages will be decided upon soon, depending on the existing resources.

In order to limit the spending, the Government also decided that:

- Except for ministers, dignitaries will no longer use business class, but only the economy class when flying;

- Dignitaries will use, during their foreign visits, mass transit vehicles instead of taxis;

- Pensioners will have to return their compensation salaries - if they had any - in case they got a state job following their retirement.

"I know that such measures will make people smile, but the message is clear: we have to save as much money as we can. It is a clear sign that dignitaries will be the first to tighten their belts", said Boc.