The electoral battle for the mayor seat in Cluj Napoca, Central Romania begins: nine people registered their participation, the local electoral office informs. The last file was submitted by independent candidate Grigore Pop at 23:50 on Monday, while the office was open until 24:00.

Here are the names of the nine candidates:

  • Sorin Apostu (PDL)
  • Marius Nicoara (PNL)
  • Teodor Pop Puscas (PSD)
  • Calin Oancea (PNTCD)
  • Gheorghe Oros (PAS)
  • Gheorghe Astileanu (PNG-CD)
  • Gergely Balasz (PCM)
  • Laszlo Csaba (Green Party)
  • Grigore Pop (independent)

Grigore Pop submitted a list of 5,620 signatures even if he only needed 4,831 signatures.

Elections will be held in February 15 and the electoral campaign will proceed between January 31 and February 14.