The Romanian Parliament approved on Wednesday the new members and heads of the parliamentary commissions overseeing the activities of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) and of the Romanian Foreign Intelligence Service (SIE). Democratic-Liberal Cezar Preda was chosen head of the commission overseeing SRI activities, while Social Democrat Vasile Vlase would head the one overseeing SIE.

The commission headed by SRI is formed of nine members. Deputy Ion Stan, belonging to the Social Democratic Party-Conservative Party (PSD-PC) group, was chosen deputy head of the commission.

The other commission is formed of five members, with Democratic-Liberal (PD-L) Senator Vasile Nistor as deputy-president

The componence of the two commissions sparked disputes during the Wednesday sessions of the Parliament. Members of the two chambers convened early in the morning to validate Dan Nica as the country's new Interior minister. But the PSD group demanded the suspension of the session after House speaker Roberta Anastase announced that PD-L - which forms a coalition government with the PSD - nominated a former PSD member to head the commission overseeing SRI activities.

The tensions cooled down when the PD-L dropped their nomination and pushed for another one - Ioan Balan.