Opposition Liberal Party leader Crin Antonescu declared on Monday that President Basescu admitted on Sunday that Boc Government had nor anti-crisis measure, "something we have been saying for a long time". Antonescu referred to Basescu statement addressing the economy shrinkage in the second 2009 semester, which would officially mean the word 'recession' would describe Romania. Antonescu noted that Basescu started his presidential campaign.

Crin Antonescu went on to point out to Basescu's change of mind: "During the electoral campaign, he was telling us about a very good perspective, about green shoots of economic recovery and was backing measures that, apparently, the Government was adopting in the face of the crisis".

Antonescu stated that once the electoral campaign ended and the presidential campaign started, Basescu confirmed what PNL said long ago, "and suddenly we see that the Boc Government didn't do anything effective in the face of the crisis".

Antonescu considered Basescu's threat of not being able to pay salaries in October to be an "electoral diversion": "It is just an attempt through which the population, scared by the crisis, to see in October that the President and the Government solved this problem. The state is not in the situation to not afford salaries, normally."

Crin Antonescu also said that there were solutions against the crisis, made public by PNL, who was ready to discuss them. Amongst them, PNL proposes a different president and a different Government.