"The Government is trying to limit the crises effects and to prepare for economic recovery" PM Emil Boc declared on Wednesday for Romanian TV channel Realitatea TV, before the Executive meeting. The last anti-crisis measure the Government took was to postpone urging companies affected by the crises to pay their debts by six months.

Companies that accumulated debts after September 30 2008, due to the economic crisis, and are now forced to pay their debts to the state one way or the other, will be spared for six months. "Their only obligation is to pay their only fiscal obligations to the state budget. Plus, these companies should guarantee that they will be able to pay their debts - these debts will not be erased, but will remain, as will the growing penalties", Romanian PM explains.

"This is an anti-crisis measure. If we make this company redundant, they won't be giving money to the budget anymore, and we have more unemployed", Boc added.

Referring to other anti-crises measure, Romanian PM wanted to assure the population that the increase in VAT has not been yet discussed in any constitutional context.

Regarding the unique income law, Romanian PM said that the Government will discuss the project next Wednesday, prior to exposing it to public debate.