The four anti-communist opposition parties from the Republic of Moldova that won the early parliamentary elections oppose the country joining NATO and pronounce themselves in favour of a partnership with Moscow, Marian Lupu, ex-Communist Party member who joined the Demmocratic Party right before the elections, declared quoted by AFP.

"Regarding relationships with the Occident, the four parties are in favour of Moldova's neutrality", and keeping the country outside any alliance Lupu declared for Kommersant. "The issue of not joining NATO was backed by all our partners. We easily reached a consensus in this matter", he went on.

"Developing a dialogue with Moscow is our first priority and it represents our national interest", the democratic leader believes. He noted that in this way, a solution could be found regarding the Transnistrian conflict.

The Democratic Party, the Liberal-Democratic Party, the Liberal Party and Moldova Noastra Alliance, owning 52 of the 101 parliamentary seats, formed a governing coalition in the beginning of August, called "The Alliance for European integration".

Despite the coalition being able to form the Government, it does not have enough deputies to elect the country's new president without the support of the communists. If none of he candidates meets 61 votes, the Parliament risks being dissolved.

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova met on Friday for its first session, with a fair chance to elect its speaker. The opposition candidate for the role is Mihai Ghimpu.