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Sources: PSD leaders plan breaking the governing coalition and protests if the party loses the Interior Ministry

de D.T. transl/adapt. C.B.
Joi, 3 septembrie 2009, 20:53 English | Politics

Important social-democratic leaders declared for that the party members are convince they will lose the Interior Ministry which is to go to PDL. In this situation, PSD is to break the governing coalition, because the Coalition protocol would have been breeched, and will stage protests in Bucharest.

The Interior Ministry was a highly debated subject among PSD leaders meeting on Thursday in Arges (South Romania). PSD leader Mircea Geoana declared that Romanian incumbent president Traian Basescu wishes to get his hands not only on economic strings, but also on the Interior Ministry to twist the voting results.

One scenario making PSD lose the Interior Ministry (MAI) sees its mergence with the Development Ministry, under Vasile Blaga. Another scenario sees MAI minister Dan Nica dismissed and replace with a lib-dem. The most drastic measure sees the entire Boc Cabinet dismissed and replaced with a technocrats cabinet, presided by presidential councillor Alexandra Gatej. According to PSD leader it all "depends on how crazy Basescu is".

Despite the rumours, breaking the coalition seems to be the solution least wanted by any PSD member. Even Adrian Nastase, ex-Romanian prime minister and supporter of the idea of breaking the coalition, seemed to have changed his mind and see it as "childish". Ion Iliescu, ex-Romanian president, is also said to have pronounced himself against the idea.

Marian Vanghelie spoke on the issue openly and said that losing any ministry would mean a break of the Coalition pact. The social-democrats also discussed on the new education code and about the tough way in which the prime-minister negotiated with Education minister Ecaterina Andronescu.

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