Romanian PM in exercise Emil Boc declared that Romania does not have to renegotiate the IMF agreement because the country respected all its international commitments until the 1 October, Romanian press agency Mediafax informs.

Regarding the normative acts, the PM dismissed two weeks ago through a censorship motion says that the parliamentarians are to blame because they made no effort to adopt them.

Romania will not renegotiate the IMF agreement because, until October 1, the country respected all its international agreements, Emil Boc declared on Tuesday.

"About the pensions' law, the parliamentarians preferred to postpone it and to preserve their privileges and special pensions. We have the fiscal responsibility law which is ready and next week we will submit it in the Parliament, through the MPs, so that the Government respects all its engagements. The third commitment is to adopt the state budget law by the end of this year", Emil Boc announced.

Emil Boc's statement was made after the chief of state had declared on Monday that Romania will not be able to conclude, by the end of the year, all engagements taken on signing the IMF agreement. According to Basescu, "certain modifications" are needed in this sense. Traian Basescu added that the lack of a Government invested by the Parliament reduces the credibility of the country, the "area of irresponsibility" being crossed.

An International Monetary Fund delegation is expected in Bucharest on Wednesday.