The Romanian Parliament started to hear the proposed ministers for the new Boc Cabinet today, Tuesday, December 22. They will be heard by the specialty commissions. The investiture voting is scheduled for Wednesday. The list with the names of ministers and governing programme has reached the Parliament on Sunday.

  • The hearings will start with Vasile Blaga (Administration and Interior), Sebastian Vladescu (Public Finance), Adriean Videanu (Economy), Kelemen Hunor (Culture, National Patrimony), Catalin Predoiu (Justice) and Mihai Seitan (Work, Family and Social protection) at 11 am;
  • followed by Teodor Baconschi (Foreign Affairs) and Petru Funeriu (Education, Research, Youth and Sports) at 11:30.
  • At 1 pm, the commissions will hear Radu Berceanu (Transports and Infrastructure), Laszlo Borbely (Environment and Forestry), Gabriel Oprea (National Defence) and Cseke Attilla (Health);
  • followed at 2 pm by Gabriel Sandu (Communications and Informational Societies), at 3 pm by Mihail Dumitru (Agriculture and Rural Development) and Elena Udrea (Regional Development and Tourism) at 5 pm.

Six of the candidates for ministerial roles have held ministerial leadership under the previous Boc Cabinet, which failed to get the parliament's vote. To have his new Cabinet voted, Boc needs to get 239 votes in favour, three votes above the minimum. PSD and PNL announced that they will not vote the new Emil Boc Cabinet.