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Victor Ponta's political program: 22 measures to place PSD on the first place in the electoral competition

de A.C.
Duminică, 21 februarie 2010, 9:59 English | Politics

Victor Ponta's political program proposes to place the Social Democratic Party on the first place on the political scene, through the support and construction, in a transparent way of some media institutions (online, print, audio-video) which manifest a clear left vision.

The proposal is included in the program proposed by Victor Ponta with which he won the Presidency of the party entitled a Clean Romania. In the 22 measures, the new leader proposes several organizational measures - decentralization, integrated communications systems, professional map and new essential changes - election of the party's president through the vote of all members of the party for a mandate equal with the electoral cycle.

Another point of the program reveals a Social Democratic modern speech with the acceptance of some grey points of the party's past (University Square) towards new types of public especially to the new generations, intellectuals - the new proletarians of the big cities and university centers. 

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