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Romanian ambassador in Chisinau: "I will always oppose the trivialisation of Romanian citizenship, its transformation into a mere instrument granting freedom of movement"

Luni, 8 martie 2010, 12:18 English | Politics

Marius Lazurca
Foto: Arhiva personala
Moldavians citizens getting the Romanian citizenship is an undisputed right, but it cannot be trivialised and transformed in a mere tool of granting freedom of movement, the new Romanian ambassador in Chisinau, Marius Lazurca, believes. "It is not sufficient to wish to travel in order to be a potential Romanian citizen", the diplomat said in an interview for reporter Anne-Marie Blajan.

According to Marius Lazurca, the Romanian embassy in the Republic of Moldova will be a real indicator of Romania's foreign policy strength.

He wants to remind the consular staff that they are all under the exigency of a project close to the president's heart, "which adds to a strategic priority a unique hue of moral attachment", Lazurca believes.

"It is not exaggerated to say that Romania has never lost the role of Republic of Moldova's main sponsor in the EU. We now the chance to clearly demonstrate, alongside the Government in Chisinau, that our interests in Chisinau are EU related".

"The proposal to create a financial-banking instrument to support the entire specific bi-lateral economic sphere has stern the interest of the experts. I trust it will materialise at the right moment also through the adequate institutions' involvement", the Romanian ambassador in Chisinau underlined.

He described the Republic of Moldova as "not an ordinary neighbour", but as a country that aspires to EU integration. "The Republic of Moldova  represents a distillation of Romania's foreign policy main interests, namely: increasing our relevance in the EU and NATO, protecting the interests of our citizens and ethnics outside the borders, strengthening partnerships in our neighbourhood starting from the premises of Romania's special responsibilities following Romania's status of EU and NATO border".

The new Romanian ambassador to the republic of Moldova says that his current role in Chisinau is not to talk about unification with Romania, but about the European Union. He says Romania needs to contribute more the success of the Eastern partnership, an initiative that synthesises historic European interest in the region's relation with its Eastern neighbours.

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