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PDL and UDMR want Senate Speaker resignation. Speaker: I have been confirmed and reconfirmed in this role

de Alina Neagu, transl/adapt. C.B.
Luni, 8 martie 2010, 16:00 English | Politics

PDL and UDMR have decided in the governing coalition's Monday session to back the request to dismiss the Senate's Speaker Mircea Geoana (PSD) from his role, a petition signed last week by 57 Lib Dem senators. Also today, Mircea Geoana was quoted by Romanian press agency Agerpress to express his conviction that the law and Constitution will win against the dismissal request proposed by PD-L and independent senators.

On top of that, he accused the Lib Dems for refusing to respect the law: "The question is if those in PD-L today have a shred of respect for the Constitution and the Romanian law. It seems like they don't , but I'[m convinced that the law and Constitution will prevail, because this is not about my position, it is not about my name, it's about a constitutional principle, sealed by the Constitutional Court - a chamber speaker is elected over four years, just like miss Roberta Anastase [Deputies' Chamber president n.b.] will probably stay until the end of her mandate".

PD-L submitted a request to dismiss the Senate's speaker Mircea Geoana from his role last week. It was signed by 57 senators. PD-L based the request on a Senate Regulation article addressing the dismissal procedure, claiming that the Constitutional Court did not annul it completely.

PD-L senator Mircea Andrei, member of the juridical Commission, claims that CCR has declared as unconstitutional only the first two paragraphs of article 30, which regards the possibility of revoking the Senate's Speaker at the initiative of one third of the total number of senators in case of breeching the Constitution or serious and repeated breeching in the Regulation.

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