Romanian minister of Education Daniel Funeriu declared that he invites over all Education unions leaders to discuss on the May 31 strike starting today. A baccalaureate mock test was also scheduled for May 31st. Last week, Funeriu declared that the Ministry has prepared a set of measures to avoid the blockage of the academic year, but he hoped he did not have o use them, as he counted on the teachers' good will, which would chose to support the students, Radio Romania Actualitati broadcasts.

Between May 31 and June 4, the foreign language competences test will take place, as part of the baccalaureate.

Minister Daniel Funeriu:

  • "Of course the Ministry has legal solutions at its hand, but I wouldn't want to have to use them in order to conclude this academic year. But, again, I very much count on the teachers' reason, professionalism and dedication to not endanger the future of the generation that they have trained for so many years. I don't want act under fear, under threats and I will never resort to it. We are trying to solve the problems between the limits allowed today. I am convinced that we will manage to get over this period, but I would like to state publicly and if there is a message to be sent it must be this: do not fall for disinformation, do not join a war that is not yours."
  • "Most unions' disgruntlement focused on the title exam. This problem has been solved without involving union leaders. The question for teachers is who best defends heir interests? The Education, Research, Youth and Sport Ministry and members of the Deputies Chamber, which have carried out the title exam in a fair manner, or the unions which, in exchange for a membership fee, offers them, as far as I know, only appeals to strike? Who represents them? The students that they train years and years with dedication, often in difficult circumstances, or the union leaders? Everybody has it rough. But I believe our fight is against the economic crisis. To have the student in the middle of this dispute is not an approach that will bring a solution to this crisis, kin my opinion."

The four important Education unions have decided last week to start a general strike on May 31 and to block the academic year. They are unhappy with the Education Laws and the funds for the Education system. There is also the Government's decision to reduce the salaries of the public sector workers by 25%, starting June 1.