A set of bills setting ground for a series of austerity measures for which the Government will assume responsibility would land in Parliament on Monday. The two bills focus on the adoption of necessary measures to reestablish budgetary balance and of measures in the pensions as agreed by the government with the IMF to cut budget deficit.

The government decided officially on Sunday to assume responsibility in the Parliament for the set of austerity measures, as PM Emil Boc announced in a special session yesterday.

Democratic Liberal vice-president Gheorghe Flutur announced by the end of the Sunday meeting of the governing party leadership that the party unanimously decided to support measures agreed by the Boc government.

Also on Sunday evening, the government adopted an emergency ordinance to combat tax dodging.

Pensions are due to be cut by 15% starting June 1, while salaries would be cut by 25% once the new law on reestablishing budget balance comes into force.

According to Romanian Constitution, the Government may assume responsibility for a program or a piece of legislation in joint session of the Senate and the House of Deputies. Should a censure motion submitted within 3 days following the presentation of the program or regislation be passed in Parliament, the Government is dismissed.