Romanian minister for Education, Daniel Funeriu, requested to have his personal councillor Melania Mandas Vergu released from her role on the evening of June 3, shows an announcement from the Education Ministry's website. Funeriu's decision comes after his personal adviser and spokesperson was accused for incompatibility with her roles and abuse of power.

On Tuesday, Funeriu told Melania Mandas Vergu on Tuesday that she had 15 days to decide either in favour of her ministerial jobs or her role as shareholder of the company that carries out projects in the Education sector. Funeriu claimed he "ordered" her to choose, stating that the ministry and any other employee were not involved in the project won by the company where Vergu holds shares, Romanian news agency Agerpres informs.

He claimed the project was submitted before he took over the ministry. "The project was submitted in 2008 and the notice announcing who won the project had been made public before I became minister. I will ask the Work Ministry to publish all information on this project", Funeriu said.

Melania Mandas Vergu declared there was no incompatibility between her ministerial role and the fact she is a shareholder in a company.

"A minister's personal councillor, according to the law, may hold shares in companies. I am a personal adviser, not state councillor holding a minister's rank", Vergu explained. She claimed that some mass-media outlets are leading a campaign against her. She also said the business she was running was "clean" and "legal".