Senators are returning from summer holiday on Tuesday to vote in an extraordinary session on the controversial law on the functioning of the National Agency for Integrity, so far a key body keeping in check the wealth of elected officials. The law would come into force soon, should it be approved by the Senate. To prove their transparency, a group of 36 Senators from the governing Democratic Liberal Party have posted their wealth statements publicly.

The move comes as the old law on the functioning of the Agency, which forced officials to publish their wealth statements, was declared unconstitutional.

What the documents posted by the senators show:

  • six of the senators reported substantial gains in 2009, including houses, cars and savings of hundreds of thousands of lei
  • a senator managed to double his income to no less than 950,000 lei
  • In some cases, despite donating big money for the electoral campaigns of the party, the statements submitted in 2010 does not show a smaller wealth in the case of donors