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What the newspapers say: February 26, 2008

de Radu Rizea
Marţi, 26 februarie 2008, 8:38 English | Press Review

The most important news in the newspapers on Tuesday refer to Romania in an international context. On one hand, the Russian support for Serbia in the Kosovo independence matter favor the future construction of an oil pipeline, South Stream, crossing Romania. On the other, less happy news discuss once again the possible involving of Romanian airports in the controversial matter of terrorism suspect transported by the CIA. Anyway, Romanians confirm their appetite for celebrating, climbing two positions in the top of beer drinkers, up to the 5th place in Europe.

The European Commission demanded the Romanian Parliament copies after the investigations in the CIA terrorism suspects transports, including a copy of the Parliamentarian report put up by the investigation commission. "We asked for more detailed information, namely to know the exact steps made in the investigation, the authorities involved in the investigation and the data they found", said Friso Roscam Abbing, spokesman of the Justice Commissioner, Franco Frattini, as quoted in Gandul.

In Russia, the idea of having a competition for the presidency seems completely compromised. The popular support for Dmitri Medvedev rocketed after president Putin announced his support for the candidate and even said that he would accept to become Medvedev's prime minister, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Meanwhile, the American State Department spokesman, Tom Casey, took the opportunity to declare while Medvedev was visiting Serbia, that Kosovo will never be part of Serbia again, Gandul notes.

Medvedev, of course, couldn't care less and, while expressing again the position against the independence of Kosovo, signed the agreement for the construction of the South Stream oil pipeline, the main competitor of the Nabucco project, which has the support of the European Union and United States. Russia also made a surprising move, having the gas giant Gazprom acquire 51% of NIS, the Serb main oil company, Cotidianul informs.

Back home, Gandul finds out about one of the many ways in which banks cheat on their customers: the interest for deposits is paid for 360 days per year, but the year becomes longer when it comes to customers paying the interest for loans: 365 days per year.

Not very surprising, this makes many people hide their stash elsewhere. For example, the Maltese ambassador in Bucharest, Alain Mangion, found proper to put his cash into various businesses, despite the fact that his diplomatic status forbids him to involve in local businesses. Mangion put up a company in Malta, Credinvest International Corporate Finance Ltd., and participates in the highways construction affairs in Romania. According to Cotidianul, Mangion even benefited from preferential treatment, having special clauses included in his contracts with the National Roads and Highways Company.

Anyway, whatever the news is (or the day), Romanians get better and better at what they know to do best. This year, we took over the 5th place worldwide in beer consumption (a two places advance, compared to 2006), reaching 89 liters of beer per person in 2007. The only countries where people drink more beer are the very traditional mother-lands of the drink: Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic.

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