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What the newspapers say: March 17, 2008

de A.C.
Luni, 17 martie 2008, 9:03 English | Press Review

One newspaper reads on Monday that suppliers in must pay up to 10,000 euro in taxes to see their products on the shelves of Romanian supermarkets. Also in the news today, PM Tariceanu disapproves increasing birth rates among the poor people, as it results from an official report. Last but not least, one newspaper reveals the wealth and life habits of a rich businessman who prefers to stay in the shade.

Romania Libera reads about the extremely high taxes of up to 10,000 euro that suppliers have to pay in taxes to supermarkets in order to see their products on the shelves. With no exception, suppliers pay an opening tax, a stall tax and another for advertising.

Overall, the spending for introducing new products can amount to up to 40 to 60% of the supplier's business rates. On the other hand, suppliers avoid to talk about the taxes or the relationship between suppliers and supermarkets.

However, suppliers would prefer that some EU norms and regulations in the field might cool down the conflict that has emerged between them and supermarkets. They denounce what they call the 'abuse of power among the supermarkets' as the discounts and prices they need to offer are increasing constantly.

Therefore, suppliers always find themselves at odds when faced with these taxes and several claim they are forced to close up their business. However, suppliers avoid to talk about it, fearing that the taxes will double.

More in the news today, Romanian PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu' government says in an official document that it discourages high birth rates among the poor people of the country, Gandul reads. The newspaper argues that the government has rejected the proposal to increase the children's state allocations because, according to the argument, many poor families would have more children only to live off these allocations.

A legislative initiative in this regard pertains to some Social Democrats, one Conservative and one Hungarian Democrat. The newspaper reads that what is questionable is the position of the Government when prompted about this official act, as government officials have contradictory opinions about it.

Initially, PM Tariceanu argued that Romania's birth rates need to increase and now, the current official stand is contradictory: Labour minister Paul Pacuraru declared that he did not know anything about this initiative, a reaction also reinstated by the Government's secretary general, Ilie Bolojan. The newspaper contacted several other Liberal officials but it seems that no one has heard about this initiative so far.

Elsewhere in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads about a Romanian businessman that prefers to stay in the shade, Gabriel Popoviciu. The newspaper reads about his family history and businesses in which he is directly or indirectly involved.

Popoviciu has managed to escape the eyes of the press even if he holds an important part of Bucharest. Directly or indirectly, the businesses he oversees are IKEA, Howard Johnson, Pizza Hut or KFC.

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