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What the newspapers say: May 1, 2008

de Radu Rizea
Joi, 1 mai 2008, 8:24 English | Press Review

The press freedom in Romania is decreasing, according to a Freedom House report. The newspapers do not rush to publish the news - only two small articles, quite hidden among economic or social news. But things are working well, it seems, despite the lack of freedom of expression: the economy is booming, the state incentives flow, the only thing still missing is the labor force.

Romania lost four places in the annual Freedom House report on press freedom, failing from 90th in 2006 to 94th in 2007. The main reason is that in 2006 a law protected journalists from prison sentences, but the law changed in 2007. A journalist in Romania may still go to jail for his articles. Other reasons for the quite poor placing in the top refers to political naming in the Public TV and Radio boards as well as in the national audio-video authority's board, Cotidianul and Romania Libera inform.

The economy is growing and all investors are optimistic, according to a quarterly poll conducted by the National Statistics Institute. According to the study, the expected growth will come, but the lack of workers is the main problem for the future, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

In Gandul, another business seems to be launched with a bang: Romania may offer 143 million euro incentives to Ford for its cars and engines production at Craiova. Ford will invest, on the other hand, 435 million euro for the car factory project and other 165 million euro for the engine factory, thus creating some 40,000 jobs.

Romanians could care less, while thinking of anything else but work. Romanians spent one billion dollars for holidays in 2007, double than in 1990. But the money allocated for the holidays is not the same with the holidays spending: according to a study, Romanians spend between 150 and 250 euro per week during their vacation, compared to Germans, for example, who spend only 19 euro, Cotidianul notes.

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