All newspapers today read about Romania's national team match against France last night and their game. Elsewhere in the news, one newspaper reads about Romania's need to use European funds to develop. More in the news, Romanians will launch the first 10 cm satellite.

Cotidianul reads about last night's match, when Romania faced France in the opening game for the European tournament. The newspaper reads about the lack of cohesiveness of both Romanians and the French. One important aspect is that the French were weaker than expected, in the advantage of the Romanian team.

Nonetheless, the game lacked any tension on the playing court throughout the game. Another important issue that sprang out last night was the fact that our team seemed less divided than that of the French.

More importantly, after this game, the most important question is whether the Romanian team is able to perform better and whether it has the necessary players. A question to be answered later in the competition when Romania will face other important European teams.

Plus, Romania's President Traian Basescu attended the game together with other personalities who refused any interviews and photographs.

Elsewhere in the news, European businessmen reinvent Romania using EU funds, Romania libera reads. The newspaper informs that Romania, for agriculture alone will receive some 10 billion euro to modernize farms, develop villages and increase competitiveness in small industries.

Thousands of farms expressed their intention to take up European funds in order to develop. The good news, the newspaper reads is that for 2008, farmers presented projects totaling a four times bigger sum than the one requested in the last years.

Thus, European funds are available to sustain farmers and villages to enter a modernization stage and comply with European standards. Most money leave for farmers who obtain money for technical equipments and farm restructuring.

More in the news, Evenimentul Zilei reads about Romania's first satellite to be launched in the space by Romanian scientists. The 10 cm cube, named Goliath will be launched on December 1 2008 which the help of a rocket from the European Space Agency.

Goliath will show images of the Romanian territory measure the atmosphere’s radiations and detect the micro-meteorites. The nine students who developed the project started working on it in 2005 when they were still students.

They set up a project and received some 1.5 million Romanian Ron to develop the satellite. They say they have used foreign materials, to make sure it is a good job. The satellite will have a 3 MP camera on board.