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What the newspapers say: July 1, 2008

de A.C.
Marţi, 1 iulie 2008, 8:37 English | Press Review

Florina, the 11-year old Romanian child with a 12 week pregnancy will have a free abortion intervention in one of the best hospitals in London, one newspaper reads on Tuesday. Elsewhere in the news, Romanians in Spain affected by the real estate crisis are caught in a trap. Last but not least, Romania hosts the Romanian Extreme Adventure competition where both co-nationals and foreigners compete.

Evenimentul Zilei reads about the case of the 11 year old Romanian child who got pregnant after being sexually abused by her 19 year old uncle. The newspaper informs that the intervention will be free of charge and the British government backed up the doctors who will perform the surgery.

The intervention will last for a couple of hours and the only danger is that the surgery will get infected. Nonetheless, the child will be able to have children again, unlike suggested by Romanian doctors.

Florina is taken care of the best specialized doctors in Great Britain. After the surgery, Florina and her mother will stay in London for a couple of days and if everything goes fine, they will arrive home by the end of the week.

Florina's uncle Adrian Fasola, the 19-year old man who raped her has an arrest warrant on his name. Thus, police officers can finally start looking for him. Fasola is currently missing.

Elsewhere in the news, Romanians in Spain are affected by the real estate crisis, Gandul reads. Those who a couple of years ago had a well paid job contracted credits to buy a house in Spain. However, now they are on leave, the price of the houses fell and Romanians find themselves trapped in the credits they undertook.

Some of them preferred to take off and leave the banks in a desperate situation to start look for them. Others accepted the fact that they will not be able to pay up the credits and want to sell it even through they will lose their already paid installments.

There are some Romanians who have left the key of their house at the bank, Eastern Countries Immigrant's Association president Angela Placsintar says. The last hope of the Romanians was a Spanish law ruling that immigrants who want to return home to receive a cumulative unemployment help, some 1,000 euro per month.

However, Romanians were not taken into account because Romania is now a member of the European Union. Thus, Romanian immigrants in Spain have no other way than abandon their assets over there and return home, as they left.

On a lighter tone, Romania hosts the Romanian Extreme Adventure competition where over some 200 participants, both local and from abroad, compete for six days on 1,500 km, Romania Libera reads.

The newspaper reads that there are two road maps, for professionals and amateurs. However, the road is tough and not without adventures: the motorcycle and ATV participants navigate after GPS coordinates while amateurs have maps. 

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