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What the newspapers say: November 12, 2008

de A.C.
Miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2008, 2:58 English | Press Review

Newspapers on Wednesday read about the government's judicial tricks to counter the Parliament's vote on the 50% teachers' salary increase. Elsewhere in the news, Romanian President Basescu might consider a new PM from the Liberal and Social Democratic camp. Last but not least, two Romanians win some 5 million euro at the lottery.

Cotidianul reads that the Government used a judicial trick in the dispute against the Parliament on the 50% teachers' salary increase: it conditioned the increase on a law that does not exist. The Constitutional Court postponed until Wednesday the examination of the Emergency Ordinance no 136/2008 that postponed the increase of the teachers' wages.

The new emergency ordinance, no. 151/2008 reconfigures the time frame for the salary increases but it does not overrule the one attacked at the Constitutional Court. The judges had to wait for an official explanation from the government on the 136 ordinance but the executive sent a fax reading that it overruled the ordinance.

However, the judges noticed that the executive did not overrule the ordinance, but just the problematic article. Thus, the ordinance was still on the table. The government's judicial department chief Nicolae Iliuta declared that the 50% salary increase is not even mandatory because it depends upon the implementation of a new uniform salary scheme for the whole budgetary sector.

Iliuta declared that after such a law will appear it is at the disposal of the government to decide whether to increase salaries by 50% or change it. At their turn, teachers' unions declared that the emergency ordinance no. 151 is not constitutional and urges the Constitutional Court to analyze it.

Elsewhere in the news, Gandul informs that incumbent Democrat Liberal (PD-L) -supported President, Traian Basescu does not reject the idea of a new Prime Minister from the Liberal or Social Democratic camps. Basescu, present in a talk show, declared that he will have to trust the new Prime Minister, adding that PD-L member Theodor Stolojan does not fulfill this last condition.

However, Stolojan declared that the best option, for Basescu would be to propose him for the new PM seat that will be vacant after the November 30 Parliamentary elections. However, Basescu's declaration was interpreted in various ways by political leaders. Basescu declared that he does not consider the current PM Calin Popescu Tariceanu or the Social Democratic Party leader Mircea Geoana possible candidates.

Last but not least, two lucky Romanians won some 2.5 million euro each in the lottery, Evenimentul Zilei reads. However, only one of them received his prize so far. Even though his identity will remain a secret, lottery officials declared that one of them is a young married man, currently unemployed.

Both of the men are from Galati, South East Romania. According to the lottery, the young man declared that all he plans to do is to help his family that has a modest financial situation.

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