Despite the fact that no one really believes that Democrat - Liberals (PD-L) and Social Democrats (PSD) can govern together, negotiations between the two parties go as smooth as possible. The "impossible alliance" became "the rational compromise", both sides arguing that this is the best anti-crisis solution.

"PDL and PSD share the bone" is the headline in Evenimentul Zilei. The same tone is used by most newspapers on Wednesday. "The parties negotiated throughout the day, trying to gain as many influential ministries as possible", the newspaper reads. After a rough negotiation for the Transport Ministry (eventually won by PDL), PSD won the Interior Ministry and gave up the Public Administration Ministry. The Defense Ministry was offered, without many negotiations, to the PDL unofficial option for the Prime Minister seat, Mihai Stanisoara.

The same Evenimentul Zilei notes that the Hungarian Democrats (UDMR) are still subject to negotiations. After the PSD demanded to for an alliance without the UDMR support, Democrat Liberals still consider including Hungarians in the former government as a viable option. UDMR president Marko Bela reminded repeatedly that president Traian Basescu agreed that UDMR should be part of the future cabinet.

After one day of negotiations, PDL president Emil Boc said that "We have an obligation to put up a rational compromise". PSD leader Mircea Geoana emphasized that the alliance that seemed impossible a few weeks ago may be encouraged by the need for protection against crisis, Gandul notes. According to the newspaper, the negotiations led to an agreement on maintaining the flat tax (16% of the income) and to offer compensations for poor categories.

"The health system reform, the Education and the Constitution reviewing are the issues we must focus on. Sharing the ministerial mandates is a 30 minutes job", said PDL vice president Elena Udrea, according to Cotidianul.

Meanwhile, the economy goes from bad to worse. "The difficult financing will make the number of bankruptcies skyrocket", Evenimentul Zilei predicts, after participating in the "Growth financing in 2008" seminar.

Just to make sure there is still money spent for nothing: Gandul found out that only some 2,000 people will give up smoking after the 4 million Euros anti-smoking campaign.