The nomination made by president Traian Basescu for the Prime Minister office blows away the fog over the future government leader, but fails to accelerate the cabinet forming negotiations. The only certain thing is that Social Democrats won't see their demand for a Prime Minister being satisfied.

The Hungarian Democrats are the main obstacle in Social Democrats (PSD) and Democrat Liberals (PDL) shaking hands, all newspapers note. PSD won't join a government in which the UDMR (Hungarian Democrats) participate, PDL insists on having the minority representatives in the cabinet, Evenimentul Zilei reads, adding that negotiations between the two parties are temporarily blocked.

Gandul sees beyond this move, claiming that this is a last attempt to draw the Liberals (PNL) to an alliance with PDL. Before the official announcement made by president Basescu this morning, rumors say a series of PDL second line leaders called Liberal homologues on the phone, but failed to obtain an agreement. Some sources even discuss about a possible demand of PDL, which asked PNL to support a minority Government formed by PDL and UDMR.

A PSD - PDL alliance may sound like a stable government, formed as an anti-crisis cabinet, but the electors are far from enjoying the move. According to a poll conducted by CURS, two thirds of the PDL electors disapprove the alliance with PSD, 64% of them preferring PNL. The same, 64% of the PNL electors would rather see them allied with PDL, instead of PSD. 30% of the electors say that UDMR should not be part of the new Government, Evenimentul Zilei reads.

Things will change, at one point, so many try to pick the last fruits of their mandates. The Liberals in the board at the Northern Railroad Station in Bucharest sign 20 years concession contract with the anonymous company that currently manages the station, Gandul reads.

As for one of the PSD leaders that looks forward for his party joining the government, former PM Adrian Nastase, he already has reasons for joy: his party fellows in the House of Deputies blocked the notice from the anti-graft prosecutors to the Parliament, demanding the opening of a criminal investigation against Nastase, Cotidianul reads. Although the Parliament's note on the opening is formal and should not have a final say in the process, Nastase got away before, when parliamentarians voted against his investigation.